A Perfect Day Notebook

All notebooks belong to the Perfect Day Archive and will be on display during the next Tekenshow. You can see all the books to date here.

What do you do with a notebook?
A Perfect Day Notebook wonders what your stories are about this happy, weird, sad, absurd, everyday life. Doodle, draw and write about your life; cut & paste, fill the whole book or just a corner. Share it or keep it all to yourself. When you're done, you can send it back or pass it on, in the latter case always let us know what happened to it.

How can you participate?
All ages are welcome, check availability on this page or send someone an email. Do not forget to provide your name + address. We'd love it if you could say something about why you want to be part of this experiment. Thank you! 

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No.19 completed
artist: Henk-Jan Panneman

No.36 available
artists: Dasha Starostin & Arsen Simonean

No.17 available
artist: Anne Stalinksi

No.13 available
artists: Anna van Duijn & Joosje Bosch

No.6 completed
artists: De Rode Loper basisschool & SBO Het Spectrum

No.9 available
artists: Claudie de Cleen & Henk de Cleen

No.10 available
artist: Victoria Krisaim

No.12 completed
artist: Annemieke Kreug

No.15 available Amsterdam
artist: Alice Mulder

No.14 completed
artist: Adele Roos

No.12 completed
artist: Annemieke Kreuger

No.11 completed Amsterdam
artist: Witte Wartena