A Perfect Notebook No.10 


Victoria Krisai &
Carmen Krisai-Chizzola

Mother & Daughter Collaboration 2022
pages 1-106

Daughter Victoria Krisai (97, Austria) is an illustrator and designer living and working in Münster (Germany). See more of her work at Instagram. Everyday life and her environment give her many ideas and are her inspiration. ‘I carry sketchbooks everywhere around with me and draw as much as possible on the road. Sketching makes me happy, sketching is my medicine.’
Mother Carmen Krisai-Chizzola (62, Austria) studied in Vienna at the Academy of Fine Arts and has been a conservator since then. Follow her on Instagram. She has been working for different clients worldwide (Albertina Museum in Vienna, Belvedere in Vienna, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York). In her personal work she is a versatile painter and artist. Her slogan is: ‘LIVE on location with LIVE painting.’ There is nothing that she would not paint and she is always happy to share he working process live.


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