A Perfect Notebook No.15 


Alice Mulder

2022, pages 1-66
Alice Mulder (NL) is an illustrator and graphic designer living in England. See more of her work on her website or instagram. Thank you Alice for being the first to make a mark in No.15.

2022, pages 67-77,
anonymous drawings Life Model, David Shrigley

Melda Ennekavi

2023 pages 78 - 106
Melda Ennekavi (TURKEY) is a storyteller and student illustration at the WdKA Rotterdam. See her work via website or instagram. 
Melda shared with us the diffulties many have who got a Notebook from us:‘I must say sketching is not my go to thing, so it was a challenge for me. 😅 I could not stop but think, if they were good enough to present. But once I let it go it was super fun! So it made me go out of my comfort zone (which I wanted). I am super happy that I got to be a part of it.The exhibition itself was super inspiring and it made me realise that I can actually be a voice. So for that it holds a special place.‘
Thank you Melda for joining us! 


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