Student night
vr 23 september
20.00 - 23.00 
kaarten 7,50

incl. Tekenshow (+ studentenpas)

8 kunstenaars van A Perfect Day geven een korte lezing, waarna jullie uitgenodigd zijn om de Tekenshow te bekijken met drankjes en muziek. Talks door Vika en Colin zijn Engels.

Speakers of the evening:

Tessa Biemans (NL)

is an artist, illustrator and she also writes. Romance and joy are the moving forces behind her work. In 2016 she started an ongoing project where she places painted stickers on the posts of trafficlights in the centre of Rotterdam, to entertain cyclists (she hopes).
website / instagram

Nastia Cistakova (NL)

mixes her inner world with her observations of the world. Her sincerity is admirable and makes her work uncomfortable, wry and humorous. You can quickly identify with the human discomfort portrayed in a light-hearted way - through cartoon-like figures - and by a contrasting graphic pen in a typical Cistakovian-color palette. website / instagram

Colin Matthes (ENG)

tackles the small and big things in life in his Essential Knowledge series, delving into topics such as; 'A puppy!! But what now?, 'If a disaster occurs in your city and how to get out.' or 'Canned foods are great.' His work give insight into our strange behavior as human beings, full of humor and determination that makes you feel like you have looked at the subject for the first time. website / instagram / essential knowledge

Vika Mitrichenko (ENG)

works with installations, graphics and sculpture. Exhibited at Stedelijk museum Amsterdam, MAD museum NY, Kunstmuseu Den Haag, Musee des Arts Decoratifs Paris, Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen.

Anne Stalinski (NL)

werkt voor grote en kleine klanten, kreeg erkenning van de buitenwereld (bv in de vorm van een Zilveren Penseel).
website / instagram

Joost Stokhof (NL)

Wherever I am working I’m always looking for the smallest details that tell more than they seem to at first glance. Almost nobody sees these small details consciously, but everyone will recognize them once I show them to you. I collect them on paper and this way give them the space they need to let them tell their story clearly.’ website / instagram

Jip van den Toorn (NL)

is an illustrator who illustrates for the big Dutch and Belgium newspapers and magazines. With her illustrations she gives a reaction on politics, the news or just anything. Always with pinch of sharpness and humor.
website / instagram

Paul Faassen (NL)

works for several newspapers in the Netherlands and abroad. He published several books, and he is one of the curators of A Perfect Day.
website / instagram

Live Program

Student night
vrijdag 23 september
20.00 - 23.00
reserveer kaarten 7,50

incl. Tekenshow (breng je studentenpas)


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TT Vasumweg 31
1033 SB Amsterdam
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