Jay Rechsteiner

(UK) Born in 1971 in Basel, Switzerland, 1994 emigrating to Japan, 2001 returning to Switzerland, living in the UK since 2003.

I enjoy making things, playing with ideas and putting them into various contexts. My understanding of art has dramatically changed throughout my career. To me personally art is nothing but an intention/desire to create art, and art is a subjective concept that can have emotional, intellectual or any other qualities. Since it is subjective, any sort of debate about what art is or not is, is futile and a mere battle of the brains. A lot of what I do is not art but rather play-time or the product of play-time. Yes, people might mistake it for art because it corresponds with their understanding of what art is. However, for me, it is not art. Making art is hard and can have dire consequences. I don't want to produce bad art (not as in the genre of Bad Art or Bad Painting) and then feel depressed. I want to enjoy making stuff.

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