Guy Vording (1985) lives and works in Amsterdam.
In the ongoing series Black Pages, Guy Vording examines his collection of forgotten news articles from old American magazines. He draws out existing elements or adds them to the newspaper pages. It is primarily the struggle between the great catastrophic and the small intimate disasters that draw his attention: tipping points in life that ensure an end and a beginning where control seems to be lost. The same applies to the technique of Vording; Drawing with watercolor pencil on the obsolete newspaper paper requires precision with the constant risk that the vulnerable paper will tear. With subtle graceful lines, Vording conceals what he does not want to see and intuitively but resolutely directs to a new personal image.

The Black Pages are "black" but there is also lightness and sometimes irony felt in the text from the articles that Vording shows and which is also the title of the work.

text: galerie dudokdegroot (2019)

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