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A Perfect Day Office
Willem Beukelsstraat 42
1097CT Amsterdam
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Corine Haitjema
Paul Faassen
Olga Scholten
Corine Haitjema Production assistent
Anne-Nynke Knol
Luca Ashdown
Live Program
Corine Haitjema &
Paul Faassen Curators Paul Faassen
& Olga Scholten
Exhibition design Paulien Bremmer

Thankful ︎
Without the support of these foundations this project would not have been possible; AFK, Fonds 21, Mondriaan Fonds Pictoright, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, PW Janssens Friesche Stichting

Partner ︎ Thank you Westergas for hosting us!

A Perfect Day 2 wordt georganiseerd door
de Stichting A Perfect Day
RSIN  860240654

bestuur A Perfect Day
Gertjan Hox, voorzitter
Anne-Marie Jansen, lid
Paul van Boekel, penningmeester
Het bestuur werkt onbezoldigd

statuten APD
beleidsplan APD


A Perfect Day FoundationIn March 2020 the A Perfect Day Foundation organizes A Perfect Day 2 at the Westergas in Amsterdam, an international drawing exhibition where text and drawings portray our everyday moods and struggles. Text and image are an absurd joke, winks at you or offer the viewer a surprising reflection. Which beautiful things pass you by? And how can you look at things in a different way so it becomes more bearable or even funny? There is a kindred soul to be found, it provides a connection between one's own world and the big picture. In addition to the exhibition, A Perfect Day will consist out of workshops, limited editions, publications, (new) work and the evening program. 

A Perfect Day 2 is an initiative of the same makers as the first edition in 2012: Olga Scholten, Paul Faassen and Corine Haitjema. This first edition came out of the exhibition ‘Lots Of Things Like This’ in New York at the Apexart Gallery, put together by Dave Eggers. The first edition showed over 65 artists, including Leonard Cohen, Dave Eggers, Dan Perjovschi, David Shrigley, Lily van der Stokker, Kamagurka, John Körmeling, Glen Baxter, Simon Evans, Gummbah, Jan Rothuizen, Bert Mebius and Koen Taselaar. This second edition will be roughly the same amount of artists.

A Perfect Day wants to contribute to a larger stage of a specific movement within the art of drawing and text and for the art of drawing in the general. A Perfect Day aims to grow into an international institute for drawings 

+ text with the aim of providing the necessary absurdity, perspective, bring humor and enlightenment to this complex society.

We consider the drawing art that A Perfect Day brings as an artisti and content unique, very direct and accessible form of expression. No matter how personal the gaze of the various artists may seem, the work we show evokes universal thoughts and emotions The work can challenge, provoke and provide public reflection.